Hi – welcome to my site. I’m a creative writer and editor across many genres, including copy for businesses (websites and press releases). My poems and stories have been widely published, including: in a Penguin anthology; in The Rialto journal; via the Ether Books app (http://catalog.etherbooks.com/authors/1026); and in Fictionvale sci-fi ezine, for whose website I have also blogged (http://fictionvale.com/guest-post-learning-curves-by-ep3-author-rosie-sandler/).
I love collaborative projects, and am currently co-writing a series of children’s books with fellow author Joe Heap. We are being mentored for this project by the wonderful Tibor Jones literary agency in London.
I’ve had nearly 10,000 readers of my young adult/children’s ghost novel, Rare Sight, on the Movellas website: http://www.movellas.com/en/book/read/201211052234423573
I am also an experienced workshop leader in creative writing (both prose and poetry).
If you would like to get in touch, please email me: rosiesandler@talktalk.net

Photo courtesy of Tess Gardener at New Vintage Portraits in Colchester.

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