I write novels for adults, young adults and children. Under the name ‘Lena Jones’, I am co-author (through Tibor Jones literary agency) of the Agatha Oddly children’s detective series, published by HarperCollins. My young adult/children’s ghost novel, Rare Sight, has attracted nearly 11,000 readers on the Movellas teen fiction site. You can read it for free here: http://www.movellas.com/story/201211052234423573-rare-sight

I am seeking an agent/publisher for some other novels:
For adults: Small Change – a filmic tale about three disparate characters’ journeys through the grieving process; James Fitzpatrick as Himself – a tale of love, poetry and cross-dressing; and Sweet Charity – a modern romance about the chasm between high-fashion magazines and sleeping rough.
For children: Antonio and the Panda Monkey – adventure and danger in a tribal village where the protagonist’s main helper is a white tiger and his best friend is a girl who can fly.

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