Human Body mock-up by Daniel Turner

In early 2015, I signed up to the PPH (People Per Hour) website. Through PPH, I have written business copy for websites and press releases; short stories for a marketing campaign; a ‘school poem’ for a tutoring centre; a novella-length piece that will provide the inspiration for a film about human rights; a novel for adults that traces parallel story lines in the 1920s and present day; and the text for a children’s adventure book on the human body, commissioned by an illustrator (see mock-up image above, by Daniel Turner).

If you want to know what my clients think about working with me, please visit: https://www.peopleperhour.com/freelancer/writing-translation/rosie-sandler-freelance-writer-with-editing-and-mvxnjw You will see that all my ratings are five-star.

If you have a story that needs a writer, please get in touch for an informal discussion: rosiesandler@talktalk.net

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